NEO UMBRELLA MFG.CO. attaches great importance to the cultivation and use of talents, and fully implements the talent strategy of "people-oriented and human being".

Recruitment hotline:MR. JUSTIN CHEUNG (DIRECT LINE: +86-752-3558289),Please send your resume electronically INFO@NEO-HK.COM,The email topic is:“Location + position + name”。


Job responsibilities:
1、Deeply understand the company's development strategy, fully responsible for the integration and planning of all product lines, and form a perfect product planning scheme;
2、To study the market of each product, to gain an in-depth understanding of the customers and domestic and foreign competitors, to timely pay attention to and research the development of the industry, and to grasp the trend of product development;

Job specification:
1、College degree or above, with driver's license, willing to travel。
2、Rigorous work, strong sense of responsibility, love of sales, hard work, cooperation, willingness to accept challenges and pressure。
3、Have some insights on traditional industries, industry 4.0 and manufacturing Internet + industry, understand user demand and industry situation;
4、Based on the product perspective, the technical characteristics and technical limitations of different versions of the same platform are well known;